The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) announced the setting or adjusting of patent fees for Fiscal Year 2020. The official announcement can be found here.

The following is a summary of the patent fee adjustments:

1. The USPTO has applied across the board adjustments of approximately 5% increase to almost all fees that are impacted by this new rule, and some are as high as 7%. For example, for a basic filing fee for a utility application a micro entity went from $75 to $80.

2. The USPTO explains that in order for it to effectively administer patent effectively and recover cost for certain services, the USPTO introduced a new fee for non-DOCX filings.

3. The USPTO also discontinued some fees including there patent service fees to help streamline the patent fee schedule and the USPTO-assisted recovery of ID or reset password fee.

The following link will take you to an excel spreadsheet put out by the USPTO that gives what the fees currently are and what they will be. Click Here.

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