Amazon Legal

Amazon Suspension

Amazon has exacting procedures on the use of intellectual property. If someone is infringing your trademark or patent rights or using your text or copyrighted images without authorization, we have the expertise to help take down anyone violating your intellectual property rights.

Has someone hijacked your ASIN with counterfeit or unauthorized products? Is your ASIN blocked for a policy violation? We can help you get your ASIN back online within hours with a plan of action letter as well as remove unauthorized sellers from your buy box and get them taken down permanently.

At Accelerate IP, we have valuable experience using Amazon’s practices and procedures to protect your intellectual property rights. If you’ve been prevented from selling on Amazon, we can help you make sure your business respects others’ intellectual property rights, and, more importantly, we can help you show Amazon that your business respects others’ intellectual property rights to get you back into the market.

We have helped countless companies reactivate their seller privileges. Talk to us first before trying to handle Amazon’s complicated procedures yourself.

We will assess your suspension and let you know if we can help, which will take one to two hours to review your information. In most cases we will need to see a copy of the original suspension email, a copy of your appeal (if you have submitted one already) correspondence to and from the Seller Performance Team as well as the feedback, policy warnings, complaints and any other alerts on your metrics.