International IP

Get Protected Worldwide!

It is easier than it has ever been to expand your business into foreign markets and extending your intellectual property rights to match your marketplace is more important than ever. At Accelerate IP, we’ll help you plan and act strategically to maximize the usefulness of every dollar you spend on intellectual property filings at home and abroad.

International Patent Protection

Patent and Trademark protection in foreign jurisdictions can play a vital role in helping grow your business outside of the United States. Our attorneys can help you decide whether or not it is in your business best interest to pursue international intellectual property rights.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”)

The Patent Cooperation Treaty created a simplified way for inventors to pursue patent rights in multiple jurisdictions. Filing a “PCT” application gives you 18 months to test the market and decide where you want to pursue patent rights and provides a simplified procedure to file for patent rights in 148 countries. We have the expertise to help you navigate the PCT application process and maximize your protection in foreign markets.

Registered Community Design (“RCD”)

Registered Community Designs in Europe protects the appearance of the whole or part of your product and its features throughout the European Union. Any industrial or handicraft item including packaging, graphic symbols and typefaces qualify as a product. Parts of products that can be taken apart and reassembled can also be protected. We have the expertise and connections in Europe to get your design protected in the EU.

International IP Counseling

We have the experience you need to benefit your business when going oversees. Whether it is counseling on patents or trademarks, to helping you develop a IP strategy we are here for you.

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