Many of you have been tracking the growing health concerns with COVID-19. The upcoming weeks are going to be tough and uncertain.  As we step back and take a few minutes to look at our businesses during this Social Distancing, know that you are not alone and that we are here to help.

Here are a few updates that will help you plan during this crazy time: 

1. Know that most government agencies are still open, so if there are important things that you need to get done like filing or updating a business now is a good time. If you have always wanted to start a business but are afraid of the potential downturn in our economy, now is as good as any to start that business. Read Why Here.  

2. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is still open and processing Patents and Trademarks. However, as of March 16, 2020 its offices will only remain open for employees, contractors, and those with access badges. Most importantly Patent and Trademark application deadlines are NOT extended. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.  

  1. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has approved an Economic Injury Disaster Loan declaration for Arizona that will help small businesses. Individuals businesses can be eligible for up to $2 million through the program. We are putting together documentation to help our clients through this process.  In addition, the Arizona Commerce Authority has put together some resources to help supports businesses here in Arizona affected by the virus. Click here.

4. The Arizona Restaurant Association has announced Arizona Takeout Week to help support our local businesses. View a list of restaurants that are participating in the program.

5.To help our families and individuals during this time we are offering a 25% discount on all Estate Plan Packages up to the end of March 2020. Send us an email to set up your appointment now.

6. As you go through this time, even though you might be some distance from others you work with, know that you are not alone. We are still working and making sure our clients are receiving the exceptional service they have grown accustomed to, and your business deserves that attention to help ensure that you make it out of this time stronger than before. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to get us going on your next project.  

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