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Your Quick Guide to Understanding Trademarks

Your Quick Guide to Understanding Trademarks

If you own a business, your brand is an invaluable asset that you must build and protect from others piggy-backing of the good-will your brand has created. Registering and enforcing your trademark will create substantial value...

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Which Business Structure is Best for Your Startup?

Just because you’re starting a small business doesn’t mean that you want your business to stay small. Depending on what you want to market, you may envision your business growing into something much bigger. A “startup” can be any company in the early stages of...

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Why Your Startup Needs an Attorney

Why Your Startup Needs an Attorney

When you start a new business the last thing you are thinking about is whether you need to hire an attorney. Usually a new business owner would not consider hiring an attorney until they are in desperate need for one. For most new business owners, hiring an attorney for your business happens too late and the new headaches and liabilities could have been avoided if they had some protection when they started their new business.

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