Intellectual Property Phoenix AZ

Intellectual Property Phoenix AZ

Intellectual property is an individual’s original or innovative work that ranges from designs, compositions, symbols, logos, novels, and inventions. Intellectual property gives you the rights to exclusive use of the creative works, brands, designs, and innovations from theft and plagiarism. There are many types of intellectual property, but four general ownership categories are most commonly known and used to gain credibility or build a business model. Owning and enforcing intellectual property law rights is so critical that multiple organizations are dedicated to supplying the legally binding documentation for proprietary work. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Copyright Office are a couple of the various federally governed groups that advocate, examine, and approve original projects and designs. Attorneys with expertise in these fields work in unison with intellectual property departments to offer direct information to businesses. If you are a business owner in Phoenix, Arizona, for an established or small start-up, look into receiving legal counsel to protect your hard work legally. Learn more about what an HPS Law Group Intellectual property lawyer can do for you and your trade.

What Are the Types of Intellectual Property? 

Intellectual property comes in many types. The four most common classes of intellectual property are patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Each breaks down into subsets that fit most business models and offer rights to your personal property. Whether you are protecting an emblem, song, novel, or life-changing invention, there is a class to cover your company legally to prevent infringement. Many law offices specialize in intellectual property claims and lawsuits. Getting in touch with an intellectual property law firm will benefit your industry for the long haul. These are the four classes of intellectual property broken down: 

  • Trademarks: A trademark is essential for logos, symbols, phrases, lyrics, and more. Trademarks appear with a (™) or ® symbol near the words, logo, or term. The (™) is generally used by business owners as an identifier for that particular brand or service, while the ® indicates that the phrase, word, or logo is federally registered
  • Patents: Patents are ideal for inventors, business owners, and entrepreneurs with an invention or innovation that meets the criteria of practicality and originality. Patients require long-term investment with a 25-month timespan for approval. Filing for a patent is a long and expensive process. Patent conditions fall under three stipulations; it must be novel, serve a practical purpose, and be non-obvious. Speak to a patent law attorney for application assistance.
  • Copyrights: Copyrights protect authorship and creative works like poems, lyrics, novels, and movies to ensure proper payments to the original artist. The most common forms of copyright are ones to songs performed by celebrities. Anyone who wishes to use or sample-specific music must obtain the rights to the sample or request permission from the original composer if they will profit from using the piece. Copyright infringement can be a criminal offense with a jail sentence of up to five years. A copyright law attorney in Phoenix, Az, can go over the parameters of copyright and how to obtain one for your business. 
  • Trade Secrets: Any source of generally secret information that economically accelerates your business or offers an upper hand over competitors. A trade secret is anything you believe advances your business that you take reasonable steps to protect. Trade secrets range from marketing strategies to formulas, gadgets, techniques, and more. Trade secrets come with particular contracts and agreements requiring outside parties to maintain confidentiality or face legal discord. A phoenix intellectual property attorney will go over all the conditions of trade secrets, and can counsel you if your information qualifies, 

How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property?

The best way to protect is to consider filing or registering your trademark, patent, or copyright. and take appropriate steps to keep your trade secrets secret. Through intellectual property law, you have the right to secure your hard work and business endeavors. Intellectual property lawyers offer hands-on experience in many aspects of business development and infringement prevention. Our HPS Law Group attorneys understand the nature of the legal system and will work around technicalities to expedite or guarantee approval of your intellectual property protection rights. Contact our attorney’s office in Phoenix, Arizona, or one of our many locations in Mesa and Tucson, Arizona. 

Can I Lose My Intellectual Property Rights? 

Without the proper policies, processes, and procedures, businesses risk losing the rights to their creative works and brand ideas. Obtain the rights to your compositions as soon as possible to avoid a legal battle. There are many facets of the business to deal with, and a property claim lawsuit adds additional stress and shifts your primary focus. If you are an entrepreneur or CEO (Chief Executive Officer) fighting a lawsuit, intellectual property attorneys in Arizona work on your behalf to deliver justice for your rights. Get in touch with our HPS Law Group attorneys to learn more about the litigation process. 

Do Intellectual Property Rights Expire?

Copyrights and patents have a limited lifetime, while trademarks and trade secrets can be indefinite if used and maintained correctly Businesses in Phoenix, Az, work closely with our HPS Law Group attorneys to uphold your rights at all times. 

What Can A Phoenix Intellectual Property Lawyer Do For Me? 

Speaking to a Phoenix intellectual property lawyer is the first step of action for companies. Working with knowledgeable and professional attorneys who understand the complex legal process means better business for your organization and less stress due to infringement or inaccurate paperwork. Lawyers help you strategize, file applications, fill out paperwork and guide you each step of the way to keep you on the right side of the legal road. 

If you are an entrepreneur requiring guidance for protecting your intellectual property rights, speak to an HPS Law Group representative today. Our attorneys have extensive experience in many business areas, including; copyrights, patents, estate planning, intellectual property, and trademarks. Whether you are an established corporation or just starting, the HPS law firm comprehends what companies need and will help facilitate an easy legal journey to keep your business thriving. Join our community of successful testimonials with over ten years of positive results from large companies and entrepreneurs in our hub. We offer many legal and property services ranging from law counsel, guidance, and clarity to asset management. Contact our office today to receive a free consultation and learn about your options. 

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