Do you sell on Amazon and have received that dreaded notice from the Seller Performance Team that your account has been suspended due to Intellectual Property Infringement? Your heart sinks because you have $10k-20k of merchandise now sitting at Amazon’s distribution center not being sold. Don’t worry you are not alone. There are plenty of people that have recieved this notice and have gotten their account reinstated quickly. However, you may ask what can I do to prevent my account from being taken down in the first place? Below I will make a few suggestions that help keep that account going strong against any intellectual property infringement.
1. Make sure all your product pictures are your original works, or have been licensed. I had one client that did not know he could not just pull a picture from someone elses product listing and got pulled down quick. That is copyright infringement, so it is best to avoid it altogether and use your original works, free stock images, or license the images from the owner. 2. For private label products pay attention to the wording that you use and make sure everything is original. 3. Before naming that product look it up to make sure your keywords or phrases are not taking by someone else. You can do a quick search at the 4. Before private labeling a product make sure there are not any patents issued or pending patent applications. 5. Verify that you have the intellectual property rights and selling rights for every product sold, and the property rights owner’s consent for all pictures, data, wording before making public. 6. Keep all reciepts for third party selling. 7. Keep invoices and itemize your bills.
I have help a lot of people protect their products and build their brand on Amazon by trademarking their product and business name, and I have also helped individuals get their account reactivated. If this happens to you don’t worry your not along, and we can help, but if you follow a few simple rules you can limit your risk and avoid the Amazon Seller Performance Team altogether.