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Patents protect your ideas and innovations and can enhance the value of your business. Protecting your inventions from a very early stage is vital to enhancing the value of your company.

Our Attorneys have the technical expertise to strategically position your company to be at the forefront of your industry. We are based in Mesa, Arizona, but can help anyone or company throughout the United States.

Our goal is to work with our clients and define how the invention can best return value to your business. We will then craft an application that presents a compelling story to the patent examiner about why the invention is unique and patentable. We have the experience needed to strategically position your patent application before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office so that it will eventually be issued.

By working with HPS Law Group you can consider us an extension of your business, and a partner that will be with you every step of the way.

From medical devices and diagnostics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, software, semiconductor materials, and electrical engineering, we cover all your needs. We bring a unique perspective in that we are inventors ourselves, and have worked in many different industries.

Patent Process

Keep a Written Record of Your Invention and What it Is.
Make sure your Invention is Patentable?
Complete a Prior Art Search - Is Anything Else Like Your Invention?
Complete Intellectual Property Strategy - Is a Patent right for you?
Prepare and File a Patent Application with The United States Patent and Trademark Office

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