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Why startup and businesses choose HPS Law Group

Expert guidance from attorneys who are founders themselves

Work with attorneys that have sat on your side of the table and know the struggles startups and small businesses go through. Each of our attorneys are currently working with or have worked with a startup in the past. You’ll have access to more than just legal resources, but will have access to our network to help you develop and build your business. 

Protect your business from the Start

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Startups and Small businesses!

Protect your ideas, brands and original works. A sound intellectual property strategy from the very early stages will help keep your business safe. From filing patent applications to protect your invention to filing a trademark application to protect your brand we’ve got you covered. 

Setup Your Business Right

We understand what it takes to get your company going, and we work with all aspects of your business to accelerate your growth from business formations to negotiations we can be your trusted advisor to give you the tools available under the law to help you make a fast, effective decision.

Services Offered

Business Law

Ready to start your business?

We offer everything you need to get your business off the ground. 

Our services include business formation, operating agreements, equity or asset purchase agreements, employee agreements. 

We have got you covered from your ahah moment to your exist. 

Ask about our Single Member LLC startup package. 


Have an invention or idea that needs protecting? 

Our patent attorneys have years of experience working with entrepreneurs, startup and small businesses. 

Our services includes drafting patent applications (both provisional and nonprovisoinal), prior art search, patent licensing, freedom to operate, nondisclosure agreements, and patent landscape to name a few. 

Reach out to us now to start protecting  your idea.


Do you have a brand? 

Contact us today to work with our Trademark Attorneys to file for your Wordmark, logo or slogan and start protecting your brand. 

Our services includes trademark filings, knockout reports, licensing, assignments, office action responses, and cease and desists.  

We have set fees that work with any budget.  

Don't like to pay attorney's hourly fees?
We get it, we offer set fees for every service we offer.

Meet the Team

Brint Hiatt


Clark Proffitt


Burt Skiba


Jennifer Brinkerhoff

Patent Agent


Matt Rosenkilde
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The guys at HPS law group are spectacular. They are knowledgeable, responsive, detailed, personable, and fair in all of their practices. I have never had a better experience working with attorneys. They genuinely care about you and your business. They are down to earth and just all around fantastic. Highly, highly recommended to all business owners. If you want quality, fast, reasonable service HPS Law Group is the move! I am so grateful I called them!
Candice Dogans
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I was thankful to receive such a prompt follow up after contacting HPS. I was able to work with Brint and from the very beginning I received a lot of resources and knowledge that was very beneficial in continuing to grow my business knowledge. I look forward to continue growing with HPS and feel safe in knowing that their goal is my "growth and protection" as I move forward.
Chris Pawloski
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If you are a small business owner, having your business set up and protected properly now and for the future is a must. I would highly recommend HPS Law Group. I have been extremely happy not only as a client but also with the service several of my clients have received after referred them to HPS Law Group.
Charles McKenzie
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Absolutely amazing! I used HPS Law Group to set up my corporation and file a patent. I was very anxious about filing for a patent and was given their contact by another attorney. They were thorough and patient with me, answered all of my questions and exceeded all of my expectations. They spent time with me explaining my options and the pros and cons of each and walked me through my operating agreement and other related documents. I have already recommended them to friends and have no hesitation recommending them you.
Emily Reilly
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Worked with Burt Skiba to help with a trademark for my small business. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I felt comfortable asking questions and learning the general process. He was responsive and timely to emails and kept me up to date along the way. Of course nothing is as easy as it should be yet Burt remained certain it was something we could work through and he did. He spoke on my behalf and represented me and my small business well to achieve this goal. I've also met with his partner and look forward to HPS Law Group being my legal representation while I learn, grow and build my business!
Jim Garland
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If more lawyers were like the lawyers at this law firm the world would be a better place. I went for consultation meeting on an idea I had. They were very informative very helpful and before I spend any money they let me know that it was not going to work out the way I thought. They could’ve just taken my money and sent me down the wrong path. Thank you for your honesty and all your help. Maybe someday I’ll have an idea we could work together on.
Bob Nelson
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The team at HPS are professional, responsive and diligent in handling legal issues. Having used them to protect mission critical intellectual property, I found the team thorough in asking the questions and requesting the data they needed to get the job done correctly, and not having to follow up because something else was needed. They are excited to be a part of the entrepreneur community, and genuinely were interested in the business and it's success. They have also been active in the community, helping to educate business owners about the value of their own intellectual property and how to both protect and leverage that property to the benefit of the owner's business.
Khalil Santiago
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Our experience with HPS Law Group was flawless. Burt and his team made one of the most complicated processes (trademarking a brand) and made it simple for us to complete. 10/10 would recommend to anyone thinking about using their services!

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