Talk with Copyright Experts

Whether you tell your story in images, words, or computer code, copyright protects the ways you express yourself. Contact us about how you can protect all of the different ways you communicate with the world.

Copyright infringement is the used of works that are protected by copyright law without the permission of the owner. Such works give the owner certain exclusive rights granting the copyright holder the right to reproduce, distribute, display, or perform the protected work.

We can secure your rights in, and clearing use of copyrightable and copyrighted works.

We will counsel with you and develop fair use guidelines for use of third party works.

Entertainment Law

We are experienced in writing & negotiating contracts for the entertainment industry.

We work with you whether it be in TV, film, music, publishing, advertising, or Internet & news media, we will customize your contract and negotiate the best deal for you.

We offer experienced representation in entertainment law to new talent, production companies and all players in the industry.

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